Self-discovery through heart-centered guidance.

Navigate through a self-discovery journey, in a safe environment, in which you can explore any aspect of yourself, through the art of unconditional presence and heart centered communication. During our group or individual experiences, we will explore techniques to assist you such as breathwork, massage and psomatic body work, personalised coaching and consultancy, guided meditations, and other activities.

We will walk by your side, as you move in the direction of that what you want, help you in feeling more joy, more vitality and enthusiasm, more passion, more peace, more fulfilling relationships, more connection with yourself and with others.

As a result you will have more life force and creative energy to flow from within you and through you, while deeply grounding yourself in the present moment.

Are you ready for a life that feels more authentic to you, more aligned with who you really are?

We will hold undivided loving attention as well as we will guide you, specially when it gets uncomfortable, challenging, and vulnerable, which will happen as we encounter and get to consciously feel those parts of ourselves we’ve been disconnected from, disowned or denied, anything we’ve denied or turned into a shadow.

We are here whenever you need us. We will accomodate the experience when the time good for you.

Are you facing challenges in a group dynamic, with family members or with your team?

Are you going through a difficult moment in your life?

Have you recently lost someone and it seams like you have not fully recovered from grieving?

Are you at a crossroad in your life in which you need to make a decision which truly aligns with your feelings?

Have you been feeling a sense of disconection and would like to recover the joy in life?


Come in as you are now, this is your space to be, to explore, to feel and express, to come home and lovingly meet yourself right where you are.

At My Sense Experience we curate your experience, and ensable every detail carefully. We are here for you whenever you need us, come in your own timing. We will organize all activities with care and tailored to your current state of being.

Most of our activities will take place in nature in the forest near our property, others will be held at different magical places around the island. We recomend staying with us, as many of our activities will take place here and you will be able to relax into the space, but if its your choice to stay elsewhere, we can also provide recomendations.

We all need different things at different times, which is why we honour your circumstances and tailor the size of the groups, food options and intensity of the activities depending on what you need most at this time.


Solo Experience

At this stage of your journey you are clear about your need for some alone time, you choose to walk this path on your own, in company with the support and guidance of experienced coaches and practitioners. 


Couples Experience

You and your partner/lover/significant one/ are looking for ways to experience new levels of communication and intimacy. You are looking to share your true self and feel a deeper connection with one another.

You are excited about the potential of your relationship, you share honest curiosity, and you both are willing to explore the possibilities together.


Family Experience

You and your family feel the longing to look at your dynamics, to bring more awareness into your relationship and the way you interact with each other. In these sessions each member of the family is listened to, seen, felt, acknowledged, establishing a naturally balanced order in the family system.


Team Experience

We facilitate Team-building and  heart-centered communication events, also heart-centered leadership events for companies, and specific work and practices for women and men.

Arrival in Ibiza

From the very first day you will feel nourished, we will ensure to guide your arrival so you can ease into your self-love time fully.

Time for you.

You will have time to arrive and settle into your new home, nourishing food and beverages will help you ground and will be provided. What you need to do is simple, just breathe the Mediterranean Sea breeze and enjoy the views.

Meet and greet.

After you have settled in and when you feel ready to open up, we will find a quiet space to talk more in depth about what you are seraching for in this journey together.

Activity schedule.

We will explore a variety of activities that will allow you to connect deeper with your soul and true heart’s needs. We will uncover and find peace, unblocking the emotions that are stoping you from experiencing your best self.

Nurture and self-care time.

Throught this journey of self-discovery, you will have time to nurture with nutritious food and time-off that will help you recenter. Activities such as “Cleansing Scanning Sessions” are here to help you get well.

Closure and celebration.

Every begining should be celebrated, and in every process of life, there should also be joy, we will celebrate a closing ceremony to honor this. Unlocking your highest potential, should be celebrated, and so we will do.

About Miranda Hoogendijk

Welcome to My Sense Experience, I’m Miranda, I’m a yoga teacher, reiki and seichem all love practitioner, and since 2013 I’m hosting events for personal growth and transformation in the island of Ibiza, helping people to reconnect with themselves, to walk their path upon this earth with authenticity, joy and freedom.

Already as a child I was highly sensitive, silently observing the world and people around me. I could see and feel things that others couldn’t, even anticipate future events. It all intensified after a near-death experience which took place when I was 7 years old.

I enjoyed having deep conversations about topics I found meaningful, and connecting with others on a deep level, it was in dancing that I felt the most free to express myself.

I was 22 when I started my first business, my dream back then, my own restaurant. Soon I noticed I was attracting people in need for clarity and guidance, because they felt lost or stuck in life. They would open up to me and share intimate things they didn’t share before with others, somehow they trusted me, and felt safe in my presence.

Along the years I’ve been blessed with great friends, very special and wise individuals, teachers who taught me valuable lessons and life skills.

I’m the last years life has challenged me significantly, and I’m grateful for that.

Losing a dear friend, my father passing away, letting go 25 years of dreams and dedication when my restaurant was consumed by flames.

My world upside down, or a wake up call, and opportunity to choose again, to redefine my priorities and start all over, to listen deeper to my heart and recreate my life as I really want it to be, scary? Yes, and exciting too!

In 2018 I moved to Ibiza, where I’ve always felt home.

Here I’m reconnecting with that which is been always in me, my natural ability to see, sense and feel, to see through people and to know why they are hurting, and what they real needs are.

My Sense Experience is my contribution to this world, the way I feel called to serve humanity by sharing my gift, simply being who I am, to inspire you to fully and joyfully participate in the constant change that is this magical life experience as a human being.

My passion is to provide a functional setting, a safe environment in which you can be you, remember and embody more of who you are.

The Space

Our Magical Forest

Visit our magic forest, connect with nature and the history of the island.
You will walk into a space out of time, in which inspiration, relaxation, art and creativity are present in the air you breathe.

Rest in one of the hammocks reading a book with a delightful ocean view. Surrounded by singing birds and the nourishing fragrance of the Mediterranean nature.

Enjoy the circle and yoga space, take time to be with yourself in silence. Our healing round ground house is built upon the remains of a traditional ibicenco oven. Go for a hike and travel in history, while looking at the Muslim House, a historic memory from the 12th century.

Discover the little bees houses, that were once the people’s trade and learn about how bees produce honey since more then 100 years ago in this garden.

A truly magical place to experience and to remeber to enjoy the simple pleasures of life.

Let's plan your experience together.

Schedule a call with Miranda to learn more how My Sense Experience can help you with your heart-centered discovery.



Michael Sekhem Heemskerk.

Miranda Hoogendijk is a wonderful teacher and true healer, workshop facilitator and host for the Mysense Exeperience workshops. She is the mother, the teacher and caretaker during the classes. Not only does she bring joy and openness to the workshops, she also stimulates you to take your space when you need it, helps you to be totally connected to you in all the facets of reality, and has a great sense of humor.

She works in layers of exercises and experiences, some guided by other people with a special gift. She has a wonderful way of just seemingly being there and fill all the gaps in between all the parts that make up the Mysense Experience workshop. Highly recommeded.


Mirella Bakker

My Sense Experience is a deep incredible experience. Every day the transformation that I have entered continues. The wonderful flow that Miranda creates with her is unique. Her authentic energy is uplifting. I have been transported in a safe energy, so that I have taken everything out and even more. I have taken a quantum step both professionally and personally. I left the old me there and stepped confidently into my newest version.

Miranda meets the needs of every guest with grace and ease. Every individual gets everything he / she is looking for. From intense moments to mega relax and fun moments. The collaboration with Ed her husband is loving and completes the circle. Every aspect of our being is touched. The inner outer and higher game. Thank you for so much love 💕


Laura Hart

My Sense Experience, May 2018. What an incredible week this was! The day I arrived, I felt like I was taking a warm, loving bath. I was embraced (literally and figuratively) by the people, something I had never felt so intensely. Although I was with a group, my autonomy was stimulated.

I was alone for the first time and even though there were people around me, I was in my own strength. Not in a lonely way, not even at all. I got to know myself better and I discovered that I could build on myself.

The lessons perfectly matched what the group needed. Wake up at your own pace in the morning during yoga or meditation classes, enjoy a delicious smoothie and lunch, and then go your own way in the afternoon.

There was also a lot of variety in that: hippie markets, beach, staying at home, etc. In the evening a nice ending with the heart circles. I am glad that I and the people got to know each other.


Nancy Driessens

This was the beginning of “a new beginning”. That’s what My Sense Experience stands for. Being connected to others, people you didn’t know before and who became part of you after a few days.

My son came to pick me up at the airport after that week and he was shocked that I had changed so positively. Thank you Henny, Miranda, Paula, Laura, Gio, Gina, Claudio because you were there for me. My son came to pick me up at the airport after that week and he was shocked that I had changed so positively. Thank you Henny, Miranda, Paula, Laura, Gio, Gina, Claudio because you were there for me. Love u all !!!



Miranda came on my path in a time in which i was going through a divorce process, and after a short conversation, she helped me to get a clear insight on my relationship, a whole new perspective over the situation.

During the treatment i received from ruben, he guided me into an specific breathing pattern,while he touched spots in my body, in which the pain was deeply hidden, giving me a huge sense of relief.


Anneke Luijendijk

I was in Ibiza, with Miranda for 1 week in October, and My Sense Experience was very nice and heartfelt. I felt very welcome and despite not knowing what to expect, I went into it with an open mind and really enjoyed it. I would recommend it to anyone!



My sense experience was life changing for me.

I was told beforehand it was going to be a deep journey back to myself, and it was, indeed, something unforgetable.

I laughed, cried, became aware of my fears and could face them in a safe way, which was very important for me, as such fears were keeping me from living fully and made me feel very small and insecure. I certainly reconnected with my inner strength, Thank you Miranda.


Fareeda Fee

Naturally, life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes they face serious setbacks that hurt a lot and you cannot find your way afterwards. You become more removed from your True I and sometimes you don’t know where to look.

This is what I was dealing with. Fortunately I was advised to participate in My Sense Experience and I am very happy that I did this! For me this week was mainly about going back to my True Me. At first I didn’t know what to expect and if I would find what I was looking for this week, but thanks to Miranda and her wonderful team I succeeded!

Not only have I been able to restore old very much, but I have also received a new, mostly positive, look at life and myself. I have experienced a week full of knowledge, depth, love but also a lot of fun. The beautiful island, or rather, magical island, in combination with all the workshops and unconditional love, have ensured that I am devoted to life for all of Ibiza but also to all people involved.

This week can be satisfying in many different ways, even if only to be freed from the daily grind and the hassle you are subjected to in our busy society. Love yourself and allow yourself this week full of rest, healing and love. I am eternally grateful to the team, but also to myself, that this has been given to me.



After years of living, laughing and fighting, you think you know who you are. I a m a strong woman, who is always ready for everyone. I raised my children alone, good job, nice house.

I gave myself a trip gift, My Sense Experience it was great, lots of fun. Finally I had a trip all to myself… I deserved it!

I traveled to Ibiza and was received by Miranda. The house was beautiful and there was a warm magical atmosphere. I had a nice room with a view over the mountains and beautiful flowers, wonderful; what a rest. We were with a small group of people and soon became a band.

I would recommend you gift this to yourself. Love! There was so much love, peace! understanding, magic and depth.

Every day there was something different on the program, the one as special as the other. I wanted to stay here forever, what a warm nest!

I have been taken on different adventures that have forever changed me into a new person, not really new but back to my own me. I forgot about her and left a lot of luggage behind. We laughed, and cried enjoyed it. I am so grateful that I made this trip.



I recommend My Sense to everyone who is open to work on themselves,
I was touched by the connection, and the strong bond created withing the group.

I felt totally included and welcome, it was very special to share my feelings with the group, and being present with others and what they shared, something that doesn’t happen so often in daily life. The food was good and nourishing, and everything during the week was stimulating in the right way.

I made new friends, I learned about myself, and I became stronger.



What a wonderful journey to be able to experience these wonderful, inspiring, educational, days with Miranda from My Sense Experience.

One gets to come so deep and close to oneself. You also realize why life is really going on, to be kind to each other. The heart circles, yoga, healing sessions and meditations allow you to get to know yourself. I would love to do it again! Unforgettable.



I had a half-day private healing session with Miranda and it felt very intense, but I knew i could trust, the more I trusted Ruben the better he could work on me. After the treatment, as I let everything sink, I felt like reborn. The warm and loving meditation, and the conversation with Miranda made the experience complete.